J. Walton

Demo game for NHSGA 2023 about a student intern working the night shift at a creepy jellyfish lab.
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A weird, 2-player, workplace-suspense larp about mining the abyssal zone
A hack of "The Quiet Year" about the rise & fall of G+
In the park, after dark.
A mash-up of Monsterhearts and Dungeon World, focusing on homeless teenage monsters
The throne room scene in that space movie
Materials for running the time-travel rpg Continuum using the rules from Mouse Guard.
A game about tomb robbery, based on a true story
Interactive Fiction
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The worst game ever, Bitsy edition.
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A short sit-down larp about the end of the Taiping Rebellion
Zone shepherds, nontraditional genders, weird biotech flocks.
a skeleton X cyber-skeleton romance
A card-based RPG for telling tales of Elflandia, inspired by Lord Dunsany's "The King of Elfland's Daughter"
Bitsy tribute to Journey
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Draft of hybrid digital/analog game
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Combat cyborgs adapt to clerical work.
A weird jigsaw-inspired game.